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We are so excited to invite you to Awaken with us!

Here is all the information you will need to know about how to register for Awaken ~ PLEASE READ THIS THROUGH TO FULLY ENGAGE YOUR PARTICIPATION!

This gathering is a limited capacity, 400 person Leadership Activation Retreat ~ Please register early to ensure your participation! There are limited number of tickets available at each tier level- please choose the tier that most accurately reflects your level of capacity! Along with your participation in Awaken, your registration will include 7 (2/day) organic consciously catered community meals by Chef Gage, former personal Chef for Deepok Chopra.

You will also be able to enjoy our breakfast snack bar and tea/coffee house. In order to be generative and abundant as we bring the gift of Awaken to the community, we will be offering a sliding scale registration fee to participate in Awaken.

Our sliding scale fee includes SEVA conscious service hours to share the co-creation of the retreat as an offering to the community. This SEVA allows us to offer a discounted rate in exchange for community members who would like to offer their time, a resource, or skill as a service to this event. This also encourages those with more financial resources available, but perhaps less time, to attend the event as an "Angel Sponser" at a rate that allows us this discount for other community members.

We invite and encourage those who register at this higher rate to still participate in a SEVA shift in order to support the practice of "conscious service" The actual cost for us to hold this event is a minimum of $222/person for the weekend.

As events and gatherings inevitably cost money to hold, we are dedicated to transparency and honoring new emergent "Sacred Economics" models that template fiscal responsibility, generosity, and consciousness into event production.

Please visit the "SEVA page" for more information on SEVA Principals and Practices ***Only 400 participants will attend Awaken*** ***There are a limited number of tickets available at each price tier- please choose the  rate which reflects your most authentic offering to Awaken***